The Company

DOORTEC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD represents expertise in high quality commercial and industrial doors manufactured since 1912 with 20 years knowledge and experience in the Australian door industry.

Our Insulated Steel Doors incorporate the latest polyurethane technology, providing efficient thermal insulation as well as superior adhesion and structural integrity. The Aluminium Sectional Doors with clear, translucent or mesh sections, are designed to withstand the rigours of busy service centres and are an attractive solution where unobstructed visibility or airflow is required.

DOORTEC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD places high priority on supplying quality products and quality service and is supported by superior engineering and computing systems.

All Overhead Sectional Door Systems are manufactured in our Adelaide (South Australia) based factory to final specifications using the latest technology and components, provided by our North American partners, Richards-Wilcox Canada and Raynor Worldwide.

“Dear Customer

During my 15 years in the Australian Commercial and Residential door industry, I have always been excited about the quality and innovation Richards-Wilcox Canada has contributed to the overseas door industry.

Richards-Wilcox began making high quality doors in 1912.

Doortec Australia Pty Ltd was created to manufacture the same “highest technology most competitive door” here in Australia for your benefit.

We aim to manufacture a sectional door system that provides continued operation for the life expectancy of the building.”

Phil Bowley

General Manager
Doortec Australia Pty Ltd

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